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Top 10 Interview Tips For Securing That Dream Job!

Posted: 09/05/2014

Finally – you’ve got yourself an interview for your dream job. Now it’s just a matter of making sure you can pull off the interview! Understanding the interview process is vitally important.  You must know what is required of you and how to present yourself. Succeeding at a job interview is an art in itself and definitely worth learning, so grab a coffee, sit yourself down and take a few minutes out to read these highly important tips:

Preparation is everything!

If you don’t prepare for your interview it’s highly likely that you will fail. It is essential that you research the business or agency offering the position and find out what they do. Ask yourself, how do you think you could contribute to this company or organisation? Be prepared to explain this. Read the responsibilities or statement of duties very carefully and identify where your skills match.

 Be prepared to sell yourself.

Have a think about all the things you would like to tell the interviewer – specifically about things you can do for the company – and write them down. Plan where you might have the opportunity to mention these at the interview. You’ll be glad you have rehearsed these ideas in your head!


Prepare a handful of examples that demonstrate your skills.

Think of some stories relating to how you have used your skills in the past when performing similar tasks. You can even have these written down. If you don’t have notes you won’t look keen to take the position. Impress your interviewer!

Arrive early.

Make sure you get to the interview at least 15 minutes early. Along with allowing for error, sometimes interview questions are given out while you wait for the interview, so this 15 minutes will be immensely important to you. Ask the receptionist the names of the interviewers and write them down. Remember to make sure you use their names throughout the interview.

Your interview appointment time must be kept.

You will be allowed some flexibility when you originally arranged the time of your interview, but keep in mind that many interview times (especially for government) are not negotiable. Make sure you don’t call them on the day to reschedule.

When the interview is finished, it’s finished.

Make sure you do not ring the interviewer afterwards to offer any more information, or apologise for your bad performance. Don’t ask them for another interview. It’s finished.

Present yourself positively.

When you walk into the room, look positive and friendly. Leave your right hand free to shake hands by putting any paperwork into your left hand. This will make you look more prepared and confident. Smile, shake their hands firmly, and make eye contact. If there are several interviewers, walk up to each one and greet them.

Sit down when invited to

Once seated, you can cross your ankles but not your legs, then sit up straight or lean forward slightly. You should look relaxed but attentive. Try to be the person that this company would actually want to have around them all day, every day. Smile and be pleasant.

Answer in full

Understand that you will be asked to talk about yourself, so volunteer the appropriate information freely and don’t make them have to prompt you for answers. Show that you can articulate your thoughts and communicate well. Don’t ever swear and make sure you never say anything about your current work position or employer.

Exiting the room

Once the interview is complete and you’ve delivered your final statement, make sure you:

  • thank the interviewer/s
  • shake their hands
  • turn and leave without saying any more

This will make you look professional, polite and poised.

So now that you’ve read these tips, put your best foot forward, make a fantastic impression and who knows – this just might be the start to one very rewarding career.

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