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Applying for a job? Get creative and stand out from the crowd!

Posted: 19/09/2016

Want to know how to impress people? Don’t think about yourself; think about them. It’s that simple. So if you’re applying for a job, think about what would impress the interviewer. Yes, include all your relevant skills and qualifications, but what else can you do to stand out from the crowd?

Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes. They may be wading – possibly swimming – through hundreds of job applications so let’s have a look at what you could do to make your application stand out from the rest.

What are your drivers?

Tell the company what gets you going, what gets you up in the morning. What’s your passion? We’re not talking about white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies, were talking something much bigger; what really matters to you? If you are passionate about improving people’s fitness and health, tell them why it’s so important. Or perhaps you care about equality, or education.

If you’re working in a creative field, you could explain how you want to break down the barriers and connect and empower people through art. Whatever it is, let them know. Conveying what drives you will indicate an added depth, purpose and sense of character.

What are you learning?

Are you continuing your education? Let them know. This needn’t be a formal education either. Perhaps you set aside two to three hours every week for online learning, keeping up with the latest blog posts or webinars in your chosen field. Perhaps you attend workshops or do online courses. Provide a list of the educational sites or networks that you subscribe to.

Provide links to your personal blog

By allowing the interviewers to see your blog or any online content you’ve created, you are proving that you actually live what you say. It’s all very well for someone to write that they are interested or enthusiastic about a certain subject; it’s something else to show people what you’ve done. Give them the link to your LinkedIn page. Show the interviewer that you’re no dreamer, and that you execute your ideas.

Provide a few interesting facts about yourself

Did you live in an ashram after completing secondary school? Have you helped out at an RSPCA dog shelter? Were you a ballroom dancing champion? Or are you a passionate cook who posts video tutorials online? A few random, even quirky details about yourself shows that you have colour, motivation, backbone, creativity or perhaps heightened empathy.

Congratulations. You’re no longer just a name on a piece of paper!

Do you speak another language?

Speaking another language can be helpful to the company in opening doors to another demographic. For many businesses, a bilingual team member can be a huge bonus, but it also shows adaptability and learning potential – desirable in any job.

What about a video application?

Video application tips - My Career in Aged CareGiven that there may be a lot of competition for the job, what if your application was overlooked and you never got a chance to shine? Enter: the video link. If you give them a link to a short video of yourself you’ve uploaded – specifically for them – you can show them your enthusiasm for the position, as well as your personality, presentation, and a point of difference from everyone else.

Now go out there and shine!

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