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At Flexi-Support, we train our own people. We nurture and develop our staff in-house, using real case studies and industry specific professional trainers.

At Flexi-Support, we do not categorise anyone. People are people regardless of their age, ability, state of health or medical condition. We are all entitled to our ideas, our dreams and lifestyles, and we all have the right to our freedom to exercise our own personal life choices.

At Flexi-Support, everyone is treated as a person, an individual with particular requirements. We like to get to know you, your history and your personality.

As our personal care staff keep reminding us, the most rewarding part of their job is the relationships, the connection they establish with every single care recipient.

At Flexi-Support, you will be cared for by trained, highly skilled, experienced professionals who will look after you as they would their own close relative. Nothing is too much trouble, as you will very quickly see for yourself. Do you need that little bit extra? Easy…. Just ask!